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Bankruptcy Process.

Whether you file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 the process will be the same. Complete schedules (50 to 100 pages) which describe your assets and liabilities, take a credit counseling class, appear at your creditor's meeting, get your chapter 13 plan confirmed and make your monthly payment to your chapter 13 trustee (if you're in a chapter 13), get your bankruptcy discharge.

In a chapter 7 your case may be open no more 90 days, or for several years as your trustee works to sell what you cannot exempt.

Your bankruptcy lawyer earns his or her fees in the planning process as you prepare your schedules, or for some reason, delay your filing. If you have a really simple case you really don't need a lawyer, and if you do hire a lawyer, it should not cost you more than $1,500 in fees. But if you own real property that has equity, are in litigation with someone, have had judgments entered and recorded against you, are in the process of divorce or have recently been through a divorce, or have transferred valuable assets in the last year, then you probably don't have a simple case. There are hundreds of tripwires for a debtor filing bankruptcy. I've done these bankruptcies for more than 25 years and every month I see new issues. If your facts are not simple, you need a bankruptcy lawyer who has seen and thought about as many odd and twisted problems as possible.