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The Alaska Bankruptcy court has an excellent site which includes a thorough discussion of filing a bankruptcy on your own, without a lawyer. Under "Filing on your Own" the Court's website has links to (1) the U.S. Trustee's Office where you can find the Means Testing limits, and (2) an exemption schedule which will tell you what you can keep in a chapter 7.

You can find credit counseling on line from many reputable organizations (one is referenced on the Court website, described above).

You can find a means testing calculator on that will give you an idea of whether you have an easy or hard case.

Whatever you do, or how you choose to do it, answer all questions on paper and at your creditors' meeting honestly. Your chapter 7 trustee is very experienced (and skeptical). He is like pig on a truffle; he'll sniff out the box of jewelry left in an undisclosed storage locker. The possible criminal implication from not disclosing all of your assets is ugly.